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Drunk or 'Super Drunk'? The difference matters for DUI

Once you cross the 0.08 blood alcohol content line, getting behind the wheel of a car is asking for trouble. But in many states, there's another BAC line you should be aware of. In Michigan, there are especially steep penalties for drunk driving with a BAC of 0.17.

Battle Creek officer facing drunk driving charges waits for hearing

Residents here in Ann Arbor may have heard about the trouble a Battle Creek police officer found himself in last year after fellow deputies responded to the scene of a drunk driving accident the officer had allegedly caused.

Michigan police increase DUI patrols for Thanksgiving weekend

Earlier this month, we reported that the Michigan State Police would be stepping up patrols over the Halloween weekend in an effort to discourage drunk drivers. This week, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning will be conducting a similar effort designed to enforce drunk driving restrictions this Thanksgiving weekend.

Man arrested for drunk driving after leaving drive-thru

It was an uneventful Thursday night for the employees at a McDonald's in Hastings until one of the workers was alerted to the fact that there was a vehicle at the drive-thru. But instead of a quick order, the worker claims to have gotten a slurred mess of words which then allegedly escalated into irate yelling.

Summer holidays bring increased police patrols in Michigan

The Fourth of July holiday and vacation periods throughout summer typically include Michigan residents gathering to celebrate and enjoy good times with friends and family. In many cases, a get-together involves drinking alcohol. Unfortunately for some, those summer parties lead to DUI charges after they are accused of driving after consuming too much alcohol.

Speeding allegations result in 'super drunk' DUI charges

In order for Michigan authorities to arrest a person for DUI or other related offenses, they must first have reason to suspect that a person is driving drunk. In some cases, as we have discussed before, police discover an intoxicated driver as a result of a traffic stop. In other cases, police become aware of a driver after receiving calls from civilians. In many situations, DUI charges result.

'Super Drunk' DUI charges for woman who struck deputy's cruiser

Police reports say that a Michigan woman was drunk when she struck a county sheriff's patrol car as she traveled on local roads in Commerce Township. Failing to remain at the scene of the impact, the driver was said to have been located on Commerce Street a short time later. The driver, an 18-year-old woman, was arrested and released on bond after being charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Traffic stop leads to arrest for Ypsilanti man

Last week I posted about the Michigan "super drunk" law that defines a higher level of drunkenness as a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent. Under the drunk driving laws in our state, a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent or greater can face harsher penalties than those whose BAC is under that threshold.

DUI charges for Michigan man in Ypsilanti

The level of alcohol in the blood stream of a driver is a major determining factor for DUI charges in Michigan. Authorities must be able to prove to a court that any person charged with DUI crimes had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Tests can include field sobriety tests as well as blood or breath tests and can be given at the accident or later at a police station or hospital.