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DUI Probation Violation

DUI Probation Violation.jpgViolating your Ann Arbor DUI probation terms is never a good idea. Not only will you be subjected to being jailed, you may also have to pay higher fines, penalties and additional attorney fees. You will also be subjected to a longer period of probation. Below is an overview of the common ways defendants violate probation and how I can help you. Read on to learn more.

Washtenaw County Michigan DUI Probation Terms

yay-10091014 (1).jpgIf you are convicted of a first offense, misdemeanor DUI in Washtenaw county, Michigan, you may be sentenced to probation in lieu of serving jail time. I have found that most judges in Washtenaw county are most concerned with imposing sentences designed to help you avoid future DUI arrests and convictions. Judges in other Michigan counties may sentence you to jail time, even if it is your first DUI conviction.

Michigan wide receiver sent to jail after violating DUI probation

As I have discussed in previous posts, law enforcement officers in Ann Arbor take drinking and driving very seriously. In fact, a DUI can follow some people around for years. In a recent case, a wide receiver for the University of Michigan football team was sentenced to jail after violating probation terms from a DUI he received this summer.

College football star accused of DUI sentenced recently

Most young people in Washtenaw County know that a criminal charge of any kind can have serious consequences not only at the time of the incident but also have a negative effect on their future aspirations. When University of Michigan wide receiver Darryl Stonum was arrested for drunk driving, he was suspended from the college football team indefinitely. Accused of DUI, the football star was sentenced in court last week.