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Michigan man taken into custody for drunk driving

A 30-year-old man was recently taken to the Washtenaw County jail in Michigan. According to the report, the man was incarcerated for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The police officers claimed that he was driving with a flat tire when they caught him.

Pontoon operator alleged for drunk driving in Michigan

Many Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents are fully aware of the severe drunk driving laws in their state. These laws prohibit drivers from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. As summer approaches; however, local residents who enjoy water-related activities should know that operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol may have potential consequences.

Drunk driving enforcement varies across Michigan

One of the most embarrassing and detrimental convictions to have on a criminal record is a drunk driving charge. While applying for a job, many employers will disregard applicants solely based on a DUI offense. The state of Michigan is one of worst places in the nation to get charged with DUI. Michigan often makes it difficult for offenders to succeed after a conviction due to its strict laws and often unforgiving policies. After analyzing law enforcement records for most Michigan counties, drunken driving enforcement varies across Michigan.

Michigan firefighter charged with DUI

One of the most reputation damaging convictions for an individual to have on their record is a DUI. Each year many Americans face a variety of drunk driving charges. Whether it is on a boat, a lawnmower or a car; operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is illegal in America and can come with heavy consequences. In many cases it can lead to jail or possible job deferment. A Michigan firefighter was recently arrested for drunk driving after crashing a car last week.

Michigan police officer charged with DUI after a BAC of .235

People tend to make bad decisions when they drink alcohol. Whether it is calling an ex lover in the wee hours of the morning or dancing on top of a bar, alcohol can drastically alter one's judgment. For many Michigan residents, operating a motor vehicle has been one of those misjudgments committed while under the influence. In many cases, driving under the influence of alcohol has caused a lot of trouble for offenders. Facing any form of drunk driving charges can come with detrimental consequences.

Should the drunk driving threshold be reduced to .05?

Many Michigan residents have heard about the rumors of reducing the national blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05. For many people, this could mean an end to going out for drinks after work or just having a few cocktails. At .05, the average woman would be considered drunk after just one drink, two for a man. Is reducing the legal drunk driving threshold really a wise decision? Or would it just lead to more arrests?

Over 400 Michiganders arrested in latest drunk driving crackdown

One of the most detrimental things to have on one's record is a DUI or DWI. One such accusation by police can potentially cost Michigan residents a lifetime of consequences. Between license suspension, large fines and jail time, DUI is a serious offense.

DUI, DWI fines to decrease? Driver Responsibility Act under fire

Many Michigan residents feel that the state's Driver Responsibility Act is the modern day equivalent of debtor's prison. Some are calling for its repeal, or at least a rollback of the fines imposed. The law has been on the books since 2003, supposedly designed to improve traffic safety by the imposition of more onerous fees. Critics say the real purpose is a money grab by the state to fill its coffers. Those who don't pay the fees are faced with loss of driving privileges and rapidly escalating interest and penalties.