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DUI Driver's License Restoration Tips

pexels-photo-163945.jpegIf you are arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, your driver's license privileges may be revoked. There are two types of administrative hearings for drunk driving matters: an implied consent hearing or a driver's license restoration hearing.

How to Successfully Obtain Driver's License Restoration in Michigan

Driver's License RestorationFacing a drunk-driving conviction in the state of Michigan is no laughing matter. In addition to facing criminal charges, defendants may have to undergo administrative proceedings with the state's Administrative Hearings Section. Not only will you have to pay penalties, but strict procedures must be followed to determine whether your license will be restricted, suspended, revoked or denied. Having the right information and legal advice may save you from facing a long-term suspension or revocation. 

Michigan veteran struggling after DUI charge

Driving while under the influence has become a common driving offense for many Michigan residents. Many individuals facing DUI or DWI charges know how expensive and life-damaging the charge can be. For many offenders, DUI's can cost them their careers by having their driver's license suspended or revoked. For one veteran convicted of DUI, he recently lost more than just his license.

Many Michigan DUI offenders likely to face license suspension

Many Michigan residents charged with DWI or DUI could potentially have their drivers' license revoked or suspended. That could be a major inconvenience for anyone who depends on his or her license to drive around. Drinking and driving is a terrible decision but its still a decision that many drivers make. They then must deal with the harrowing consequences and repercussions, like license suspension. A Troy, Michigan man faces DUI charges after he was recently arrested for driving drunk with a suspended license.

Repeated DUI may result in very long driving license suspension

Anyone who engages in drunken driving should understand that a DUI charge result in lost driving privileges for a long time. One or more previous convictions for such an offense can lead to lost drivers license for an even longer time and sometimes imprisonment. Such violators might see their driving license suspended or revoked on conviction and then be unable to legally drive for many years, if ever.