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Underage drinking costs Michigan $2 billion annually

For many Michigan teens, prom is right around the corner. This milestone marks the end of high school for many teens. Somewhere between the school dance and the after party, many teens will be tempted with alcohol. Underage drinking is not a rare crime in America. In fact it was estimated that last month, 10 million people under the age of 21 consumed alcohol in America.

"Super drunk" laws enforce heavy consequence for MI offenders

Many Michigan residents have been charged with a DUI or DWI over the years. When the accused blows over the legal blood alcohol content limit of 0.08, they are considered in violation of the drunk driving laws and face a penalty. But a new state law will enforce stricter penalties based on the individual's BAC.

Michigan parents to get notices on underage drinking

For many Michigan teens graduating high school this spring, graduation cannot come soon enough. With graduation so near, many teens have been known to celebrate and party using alcohol or other illegal drugs. But for the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, making sure these kids stay safe and away from drugs and alcohol is their number one priority.

Michigan pastor faces DUI charges after driving nude

The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit has suspended a Michigan pastor after learning of the charges against him. The pastor was arrested on DUI charges and indecent exposure when police say he was driving his car in the nude. He was arrested near Dearborn's Sacred Heart Parish where he preaches. He has since been placed on administrative leave.

Tecumseh man faces DUI charges after crash

Michigan authorities take drunk driving very seriously. Police patrols know how to spot any possible signs that a driver may be operating a vehicle while impaired. Similarly, DUI and other potential charges can result if an accident happens on Michigan roads and police suspect it is attributable to drinking and driving. Sometimes drivers involved in an accident are charged with a DUI, even if they thought that they had not consumed enough to be in violation of state laws.

Ann Arbor teen faces DUI charges

As many Michigan residents know, when teenagers begin driving they are inexperienced and are often more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers. This is because they have not yet developed the skills needed to handle dangerous situations on the road. These young people are also less likely to be able to handle controlling a vehicle after consuming even just a few drinks of alcohol, which can result in a DUI charge.

Man accused of DUI after hitting telephone pole in Washtenaw

A car accident does not have to involve another vehicle in order to lead to criminal charges. An accident that may seem minor can cause fairly severe legal recourse. Recently, a Washtenaw County man accused of DUI crashed into a telephone pole and could now face criminal charges.

Man charged after fatal DUI crash in Washtenaw County

When drunk driving leads to an accident in which another person is seriously injured, the driver at fault can face severe charges. A felony DUI or DWI charge can quickly change the life of the accused. A man charged with the death of a Washtenaw County woman could be sentenced to a heavy jail term and large fines if he is convicted during his trial this October.