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Michigan woman may face felony DUI for having kids in car

Drunk driving can often come with harsh penalties for many Michigan residents. From lengthy jail sentences to hefty fines, a DUI conviction is no walk in the park. Many offenders will continue to find consequences even after a sentence has been served. Having a DUI on one's record doesn't look the best when an offender is attempting to get a job. One Michigan woman has recently received attention for drunk driving charges including a felony DUI.

Michigan superintendent faces DUI charges

Being charged with a crime such as drunk driving can be scary for anyone. For those who are in the public eye, the charges may be especially embarrassing, particularly when the court of public opinion so often chimes in before all the facts are known. Recently, a Michigan superintendent of schools had to admit to his board and the public that he faced DUI charges stemming from an arrest on July 8.

Woman taken to Wexford County Jail after third DUI charge

DUI charges are very serious, whether it is a first offense or the third. But as many of my readers in Michigan know, being charged with multiple DUI offenses can lead to increased penalties. The potential penalties often include substantial fines or even jail time when a conviction is obtained.

Man accused of DUI after hitting telephone pole in Washtenaw

A car accident does not have to involve another vehicle in order to lead to criminal charges. An accident that may seem minor can cause fairly severe legal recourse. Recently, a Washtenaw County man accused of DUI crashed into a telephone pole and could now face criminal charges.

DWI charges pending against woman under "super drunk" law

In the Ann Arbor area, I know that drunk driving is taken very seriously, as it should be. Michigan recently enacted a new "super drunk" law, which provides stiffer penalties and jail time for those people convicted of a DWI where their blood-alcohol level is more than .17. There is a mandatory loss of driving privileges for 45 days, after which the driver must buy an ignition interlock system to test the driver's breath before the car will start. Standard drunk driving charges apply when the blood-alcohol level is more than .08.