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Traffic Violations that Lead to DUI Arrests in Washtenaw County

031866628-cop-knocking-car-window.jpegMost DUI arrests stem from people violating common traffic laws such as making an illegal u-turn or running a red light. The violation of such laws permits police officers to question drivers if they suspect the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance after pulling them over. Read on to learn more about traffic violations that commonly lead to DUI arrests in Washtenaw County.

Woman could face Michigan DUI charge after head-on crash

Michigan police officers tried to catch and stop a driver who headed past them -- going the wrong way -- in the early morning hours on a Sunday in mid-July. They were unsuccessful in getting to the driver before she crashed head-on into a Chevy Impala. The car accident led to several serious injuries and may result in criminal charges, including DUI, against the woman.

Tecumseh man faces DUI charges after crash

Michigan authorities take drunk driving very seriously. Police patrols know how to spot any possible signs that a driver may be operating a vehicle while impaired. Similarly, DUI and other potential charges can result if an accident happens on Michigan roads and police suspect it is attributable to drinking and driving. Sometimes drivers involved in an accident are charged with a DUI, even if they thought that they had not consumed enough to be in violation of state laws.

DUI charges result from Lenawee County car crash

Police in Ann Arbor and throughout the state of Michigan take drunk driving very seriously. When suspected drunk driving is combined with a car accident, a driver could be facing serious charges. One Michigan woman was recently arrested for drunk driving after her vehicle crashed.

Michigan reports dramatic drop in DUI crashes

As many Michigan drivers know, law enforcement officials across the state take drunk driving very seriously. A recent report about DUI-related car accidents may be further indication that police efforts to combat driving while intoxicated are stronger than ever.

Driver faces prison on DUI charge after hitting and killing man

On Aug. 4, a Washtenaw County dispatcher took a call from a man who told him, "I just hit somebody on Marshall Road." Per protocol, the dispatcher directed the man to return to the scene of the accident. However, earlier this month the dispatcher testified in court that he wouldn't have instructed the caller to return to the crash location if he had any indication that he was intoxicated. The 43-year-old driver now faces DUI-related charges, including operating while intoxicated causing death and leaving the scene of an accident. If convicted, he could face a significant prison sentence.

Man accused of DUI after hitting telephone pole in Washtenaw

A car accident does not have to involve another vehicle in order to lead to criminal charges. An accident that may seem minor can cause fairly severe legal recourse. Recently, a Washtenaw County man accused of DUI crashed into a telephone pole and could now face criminal charges.