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Back to School Drunk Driving Prevention

yay-3232801.jpgGoing back to college to complete another year of study is an exciting time for most students. With welcome back festivities, you will likely run into situations that involve consuming alcohol. If you plan to participate in back to school festivities such as joining a fraternity/sorority or attending homecoming, I strongly recommend you take precautionary steps to ensure that you do not drink and drive. Read on to learn more.

Police crack down on "Welcome Weekend" underage drinking

"Welcome Weekend" is special for first-time college students. It is when freshmen get a first taste of independent college life away from their parents. It is fun but often involves plenty of alcohol also.

Smartphone app targets alleged underage drinkers in Michigan

The increasing number of underage drinkers may not be a surprise for Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents. Considering that most college students and teenagers are freely exposed to alcohol, underage drinking remains a problem. The expansion of technology also contributes to the issue because websites now offer to sell fake identification to underage people so that they can get into bars and pubs.

Underage drinking charges dropped after questionable warrant

Between making new friends, exploring a new career choice and getting a degree, college has a lot to offer to Michigan residents. However, it is also infamously known as a breeding ground for underage drinking. Many underage students will experiment with alcohol at some point or another during college. Most of this drinking occurs at house parties which can sometimes make it easy for police to issue mass arrests. Recently, Michigan police busted a house party and charged 20 college students with misdemeanor alcohol possession and noise violations however all of the charges were dropped due to excessive force by police and an illegal expansion of a warrant.