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Drunk Driving vs. Distracted Driving

drunkdrivingvsdistracteddriving.jpgRichard Rish, a resident of Michigan, was recently sentenced to serve up to 15 years in prison for causing a man's death while driving under the influence of alcohol. Travis Jones, an Indiana resident, is facing far less time in prison (serving a maximum of one year) after causing a man's death during a distracted driving accident. Should a drunk driver be required to serve more time in prison than a distracted driver when both actions result in the same harmful behavior?

Michigan's Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Crackdown Results

photodune-13242255-caught-drunk-man-xs.jpgMichigan State Police and other local law enforcement agencies held a "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Crackdown" between August 21st and Labor Day weekend. The drunk driving campaign is federally funded and is aimed at reducing impaired driving between the last weeks of summer.

First DUI Offense- What Should I Do?

photodune-11184560-handcuffs-with-hand-xs.jpgBeing arrested for a DUI offense can be a nerve wracking experience. The mistake of drinking and driving can result in you spending time in jail, paying high court fees and penalties, in addition to going through a lengthy court process. You should contact an experienced DUI attorney upon being arrested for a DUI in the Washtenaw County area. Do not delay until you are charged with drunk driving in court. Having a DUI attorney by your side early in the criminal justice process could not only give you peace of mind but will start the process of developing a good defense strategy. 

Michigan Drunk Driving Employment Consequences

photodune-9331211-criminal-background-check-application-form-xs.jpgBeing charged and/or convicted with drunk driving an Ann Arbor can result in serious employment related consequences. From being placed on paid administrative leave, to being terminated, the mistake of drinking and driving can severely impact your career. Read on to learn more about Michigan drunk driving employment consequences and how I can help you.

Medical Defenses to A DUI Charge In Washtenaw County

drunk driving diabetic womanThere are certain medical conditions that may make a person appear to be intoxicated. For example, some symptoms of hyperglycemia and alcohol impairment may be similar. Hyperglycemia occurs when a person's blood glucose concentration is above normal levels. A person who is suffering from hyperglycemia may experience slurred speech, blurred vision, fatigue, confusion, and fruity-smelling breath. Such symptoms may lead an officer to believe that a person is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Washtenaw County Judge Under Investigation for DUI Case Interference

Law-Concept-2059203 (1).jpgThe Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has issued a formal complaint against Washtenaw County Judge J. Cedric Simpson for making false claims regarding the relationship he had with his volunteer intern, Crystal Vargas, and for interfering with her drunk driving investigation and prosecution.

How to Pardon a Michigan Drunk Driving Conviction - The Benefits of Being Politically Connected

legal-protection-xs.jpgA drunk driving conviction cannot be expunged in Michigan. However, receiving a Governor's pardon can erase the conviction from your criminal record. That's what recently happened for politically connected high powered attorney Alan Gocha Jr., a member of Michigan's economic board. Gocha received a rare pardon from Governor Rick Snyder (R) this winter.

Can I Be Fired for A DUI Conviction in Michigan?

drunkdrivingjobtermination.jpgMy clients often ask me if "Can I be fired if convicted of drunk driving in Michigan?" Many of my client's cases are dismissed due to a lack of evidence presented for prosecution or through plea bargaining in which they agree to a lesser charge to avoid harsher penalties. However, throughout my career as a criminal defense attorney, I have heard about people losing their jobs or being placed on paid/unpaid administrative leave due to being charged or convicted of drunk driving.

Heien v. North Carolina - Traffic Stop Reasonable Suspicion Requirement

Rear-Car-Light-1057404.jpgOn April 29, 2010, Sergeant Darisse of the Surry County Sheriff's Department was patrolling north on I-77. He identified a car that had a broken brake light out. The driver of the car was Maynor Javier Vasquez. Passenger Nicholas Heien was sleeping in the back seat. As Sergeant Darisse approached the vehicle, he observed driver Vasquez appeared nervous.

Using Affirmative Defenses to Protest a Drunk Driving Charge

affirmative defense drunk driving.jpgA Wisconsin man has recently blamed his 10th DUI on eating beer-battered fish. 75-year-old John Przbyla had beer battered fish for lunch before being detained at a traffic stop for erratic driving. Deputies smelled alcohol on his breath and asked if he had been drinking. Przbyla replied that his breath smelled of alcohol because he had just consumed beer-battered fish.