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Super Drunk High BAC

If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI, it is important to have an attorney in your corner who will fight to protect your rights. Michigan laws regarding drunk driving are constantly changing, and it is critical that you have your rights properly protected.

I, Stacey M. Washington, have more than 30 years of legal experience. Contact my office by email or call 734-274-6567 for an initial consultation.

As your lawyer, I will take the time to go through any changes in the law and explain how they will affect your case.

Higher Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Means Higher Penalties In Michigan DWIs

The Michigan Super Drunk DUI, High BAC law increases the potential punishment for driving while intoxicated if you have a BAC of .17 or higher. This law applies to first-time offenders. The DUI consequences could include many penalties, such as:

  • Installation of an alcohol ignition interlock device at your expense of $100 or more per month for at least a year
  • More jail time — increased to a possible 180 days
  • Increased fines and court costs
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment program for at least one year
  • Mandatory alcohol and/or drug testing

The increased penalties for High BAC drunk driving also include a mandatory one-year suspension of your driver’s license with a 45-day period of no driving at all. The remaining portion may be restricted driving with mandatory use of the alcohol ignition interlock device at your expense ($100+/month). I will work with you to reduce your penalties and protect your driving rights.

A Former Prosecutor Protecting Your Rights

As a former prosecutor for the city of Ann Arbor, I know what to look for and what arguments to make in order to get you the best results for your situation. I will work to have your charges dropped by investigating all the facts of your case. If the police had no reasonable cause to pull you over or had no probable cause to arrest you, your charges could be dismissed.

I also have the skill to negotiate plea and/or sentence deals that will benefit you if a dismissal isn’t possible DUI/DWI charges reduced to driving while visibly impaired or something else if the correct circumstances exist. I will answer any questions you may have regarding keeping your job, freedom, regaining your driving privileges and paying fines. Together, we will create a plan that allows you to achieve your goals and protects your rights.

Contact A Michigan DWI And Criminal Defense Attorney

Do not enter a plea without talking to a lawyer. I represent clients throughout Washtenaw County and will speak with you regarding Michigan DUI/DWI/OWI laws and local prosecutor policies.

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