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Out-Of-State DUI

If you are a resident of another state but are arrested and charged with a DUI in Michigan, you may have to deal with more than just Michigan’s criminal justice system. You may also have additional penalties and driver’s license restrictions in your home state.

Similarly, Michigan residents who receive a DUI conviction in another state may be subject to Michigan’s driver’s license penalties. In either case, you will need a thorough and vigorous DUI defense in Michigan.

Experienced Representation In Out-Of-State Resident Drunk Driving Arrests

DUI defense attorney Stacey M. Washington has extensive experience representing out-of-state drivers charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She will work vigorously to protect your rights in Michigan.

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How Does My Home State Know About My Michigan DUI/DWI?

There are three systems for reporting traffic violations used throughout the U.S.:

  • The National Driver Registry (NDR): A nationwide database with information about drivers with suspended or revoked licenses and DUI convictions.
  • The Driver’s License Compact (DLC): A system where participating states share information about license suspensions, revocations, traffic violations and DUI convictions.
  • Non-Resident Violation Compact (NRVC): A system used to process traffic citations between member states. NRVC is similar to the DLC.

Michigan does not participate in the DLC or NRVC. But, Michigan does use the NDR to report Michigan DUI convictions and to learn about DUI convictions in other states.

The Secretary of State (SOS) may use NDR information to suspend or revoke a Michigan driver’s license based on an out-of-state DUI conviction. SOS usually checks the system when some type of license action occurs, such as renewal, suspension or violation. At that time, the Michigan or out-of-state DUI conviction will show up. Your home state may also take negative action against you (e.g., fines, license suspension or license revocation).

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