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Do I Need A Lawyer For A DUI?

People charged with drunk driving in the Ann Arbor area often ask whether or not they should represent themselves or hire a drunk driving defense attorney. Although there are pros and cons to each position, I strongly recommend obtaining counsel such as a public defender or private attorney for legal representation. If you represent yourself, you may suffer increased penalties and sentencing.

The Sudden Consequences Of A DUI In Michigan

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge can be overwhelming and frightening. No one plans to get a DUI and most people don’t know what to do when they get one. You just went out for a few drinks with friends, felt good enough to drive, then bam! On the way home, you get pulled over, told to walk the line and blow into a Breathalyzer. Next thing you know, your car gets towed and you spend the night in jail. Some people may not even know they need a lawyer to help them fight the charges. You need a lawyer right now.

In addition to the negative impact to your reputation and the stress, a DUI conviction can be a heavy financial burden because of the fines, costs and fees. Because Michigan DUI convictions remain on your record forever, your ability to earn a living may be damaged. You could lose your current job or it will be difficult to find another job. How will you support yourself and your family?

Before going to court alone and simply pleading guilty, it is wise to seek counsel from an experienced Washtenaw County lawyer who knows the DUI law and the court system. Contact me online or call my Ann Arbor law office at 734-274-6567.

How Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor Can Help In Your DUI Case

Many people think penalties for a DUI are just standardized. Or, they are so stressed and anxious to get the experience over as quickly as possible, they often just go to court and plead guilty. But, the fact is penalties can vary greatly depending on the prosecutor, judge and probation officer involved. I am an experienced Ann Arbor DUI attorney who will help you obtain results such as:

  • Reduced fines and costs
  • Reduced jail or prison time
  • Reduction of time for license suspension
  • Reduced bail or bond
  • Reduction or dismissal of the charge

I will examine every aspect of your case including:

  • Was there a reasonable, articulable suspicion to justify the stop?
  • Were the field sobriety or chemical tests administered properly?
  • Were there factors that interfered with your ability to take the field sobriety or chemical tests?
  • Are the field sobriety and chemical test results accurate?
  • Was there probable cause to arrest you?

As noted earlier, a DUI arrest is an alarming and confusing experience for most people. Many defendants are worried about the consequences of a DUI and aren’t focused on defending themselves. In fact, most people don’t know how to defend against a DUI at all. An experienced and knowledgeable Ann Arbor DUI lawyer can help guide you through the DUI process with specific advice on what should and should not be done to get the most positive result possible.

Get The Help You Deserve Now

A DUI conviction will change your life forever. A DUI conviction is serious and costly. Finding an Ann Arbor DUI attorney familiar with the law and court process will help you minimize or avoid costs and penalties. Being well represented in and out of court is one of the most effective ways to help you minimize negative DUI consequences.

I am available to fight for you or a family member. Act now to protect yourself by contacting me online or calling my Ann Arbor law office at 734-274-6567.