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Saving Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) After DUI Charges

In Michigan, a driver with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) who has a blood alcohol content of .04 or more will have their CDL suspended for one year. The driver also faces up to 93 days in jail. This is a serious situation for someone who needs a CDL to work.

If you have a CDL and have been arrested for a DUI, everything in your life is at stake — your CDL, your job and your freedom. You need a good, strong defense attorney on your side.

Contact my Ann Arbor law office online or call 734-274-6567. I, Stacey M. Washington, will closely review your case and determine the best defense for you, fighting for your rights every step of the way.

Consequences Of DUI For Commercial Drivers

A CDL DUI charge has more serious consequences than the average DUI charge. Therefore, a CDL case is more likely to go to trial, where expert witnesses and arguments that challenge the evidence against you (e.g., testing procedures and probable cause for your traffic stop) become much more important.

I am a DUI defense lawyer who has represented a number of CDL drivers in trial. In my experience, a strong, vigorous defense is absolutely necessary to protect a driver’s rights and get the best possible outcome.

Act Quickly For Effective Drunk Driving Defense

If you fail to meet crucial deadlines in your DUI case, you could face automatic license suspension, and you greatly decrease your options for defense. It is critical to obtain CDL DUI legal representation as soon as possible.

As your lawyer, I will start defending you the day you retain my counsel. I will act immediately to preserve and obtain all evidence in your case, including blood samples as well as video or audio footage that might be destroyed by the police or laboratory.

Don’t delay. Don’t let time run out and make matters worse. Be sure your DUI/drunk driving case is handled correctly.

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