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Retail Fraud Shoplifting

Sometimes people don’t consider shoplifting, or retail fraud as it’s known in Michigan, to be a serious crime. The truth is that retail fraud is taken very seriously in Michigan — the penalties for conviction can follow you for a long time and affect your future success.

In some areas, a conviction for retail fraud can lead to a store banning you from entering for an entire year. Retail chain stores across the state can post your picture and prevent you from even entering their doors. Don’t let this happen to you.

Contact me at the law office of Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor, by email or by calling 734-274-6567. I am a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience.

As a former prosecutor, I know how to handle retail fraud cases and understand how to work with the prosecution to obtain a favorable result. I work diligently on behalf of all clients, whether negotiating a plea bargain or protecting their rights in court.

Ann Arbor Shoplifting Charge Lawyer

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know the possible arguments to make and defense strategies to pursue in order to best represent you against all degrees of store theft:

  • First degree (felony) retail fraud for stolen goods valued at more than $1,000: Maximum sentence is five years in prison.
  • Second degree (misdemeanor) retail fraud for stolen goods valued from $200 to $1,000: Maximum sentence is one year in prison.
  • Third degree (misdemeanor) retail fraud for stolen goods valued at less than $200: Maximum sentence is 93 days in jail.

Whether you were caught stealing before you got out to the parking lot and the store recovered the stolen merchandise or you were caught months after the shoplifting incident, I can work with you to improve your situation. I can prepare a case that helps the court get a better perception of you as a person, which may help eliminate or minimize some of the consequences. Ultimately, my goal is to protect your rights now and help avoid the collateral consequences that can affect your future.

Civil Penalties Of Retail Fraud

In addition to criminal penalties, someone charged with retail fraud may also face civil penalties. If you pay back the value of the stolen merchandise, you may be able to prevent going to civil court. This does not prevent you from facing criminal charges, however. Police are able to charge you with criminal retail fraud even if you resolved the civil matter, so it is important you have an experienced Ann Arbor criminal attorney on your side.

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