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Disorderly Conduct

The crime of disorderly conduct is a bit different from other criminal charges in that it involves so many different types of conduct. Unlike other criminal charges that are designed to prevent a very specific type of behavior, disorderly conduct is used by police in a number of different ways to prevent conduct deemed to be violent, abusive, lewd or offensive.

You may have been arrested for disorderly conduct if:

  • You were intoxicated in public and acting out.
  • You were questioned by police and became belligerent.
  • You made threats against others.
  • You made lewd comments or gestures.
  • You were caught urinating in public.
  • You were excessively loud or boisterous.

The Michigan Defense Lawyer You Need

If you were arrested for disorderly conduct, I can help. My name is Stacey M. Washington, and I am an Ann Arbor criminal defense lawyer who handles cases throughout Washtenaw County, Michigan. To schedule an appointment at my law office, call 734-274-6567.

Other Charges Related To Disorderly Conduct

If you were arrested for disorderly conduct, you may have been charged with another criminal offense as well. People arrested for disorderly conduct are frequently arrested for other related offenses, including urinating in public (UIP) and resisting arrest. I can handle all the criminal charges you are facing. I am an experienced negotiator who can also point to a demonstrated record of success for many of my clients at trial, should litigating your legal matter best promote your interests.

College Student Defense

As alcohol consumption, partying, tailgating and other related activities are commonly associated with disorderly charges, a number of people charged with disorderly conduct are college students who are having a bit too much of a good time at a football game, party or social gathering. Additionally, of course, clients can often include relatives of college students (e.g., parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings), as well as alumni, other fans/attendees and professors. I provide the same level of focused and diligent defense to every client charged with disorderly conduct, regardless of identity or status.

A significant part of my criminal practice is the defense of college students charged with a crime. I represent students from local universities, including the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and Washtenaw Community College.

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