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Underage Drinking Archives

Underage Drunk Driving Survey

Underage Drunk Driving Survey.jpgA new government survey has reported that fewer teens are driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2014, an estimated 7% of teens surveyed stated that they had recently driven while intoxicated in comparison to 16% of teens who were surveyed in previous years. 3% of teens admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana this past year.

Court dismisses Michigan State jock's underage drinking charges

Being convicted of drunk driving charges can have severe consequences for an Ann Arbor or Washtenaw, Michigan, resident. On the other hand, underage drinking charges can carry even more weight as they can compromise a young person's life in so many ways.

Police crack down on "Welcome Weekend" underage drinking

"Welcome Weekend" is special for first-time college students. It is when freshmen get a first taste of independent college life away from their parents. It is fun but often involves plenty of alcohol also.

Teens start crusade against underage drinking

The fact that Ann Arbor is a popular university town that houses some of the top academic institutions in Michigan, such as the University of Michigan, also means that there is an abundance of alcohol and bars and pubs. Unfortunately, teenagers also find ways of acquiring alcohol illegally.

Smartphone app targets alleged underage drinkers in Michigan

The increasing number of underage drinkers may not be a surprise for Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents. Considering that most college students and teenagers are freely exposed to alcohol, underage drinking remains a problem. The expansion of technology also contributes to the issue because websites now offer to sell fake identification to underage people so that they can get into bars and pubs.