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Refusing to Consent to Police Search in Washtenaw County

refuse police search in washtenaw county.jpgBeing pulled over for a routine traffic stop usually involves a brief detention. The police officer will review your driver's license, registration, insurance card, and issue a ticket. However, there are situations in which police officers will question drivers if they believe a crime is in the process of being committed or has been committed. Read my tips below on how to respond to a police officer if pulled over for a "routine" traffic stop.

Heien v. North Carolina - Traffic Stop Reasonable Suspicion Requirement

Rear-Car-Light-1057404.jpgOn April 29, 2010, Sergeant Darisse of the Surry County Sheriff's Department was patrolling north on I-77. He identified a car that had a broken brake light out. The driver of the car was Maynor Javier Vasquez. Passenger Nicholas Heien was sleeping in the back seat. As Sergeant Darisse approached the vehicle, he observed driver Vasquez appeared nervous.

Traffic Violations that Lead to DUI Arrests in Washtenaw County

031866628-cop-knocking-car-window.jpegMost DUI arrests stem from people violating common traffic laws such as making an illegal u-turn or running a red light. The violation of such laws permits police officers to question drivers if they suspect the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance after pulling them over. Read on to learn more about traffic violations that commonly lead to DUI arrests in Washtenaw County.