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Ann Arbor Sales Consultant DUI Conviction Consequences

Employment-Application-1562586.jpgAs a sales consultant, being convicted of drunk driving can be detrimental to your career. Most sale consultants have to drive to meet clients when pitching new products and carry a valid driver's license at all times. Being convicted of drunk driving will result in your driver's license being suspended or revoked and possibly being fired from your job because you can't drive to perform your work duties. Read on to learn more about sales consultants DUI conviction consequences.

How to Successfully Obtain Driver's License Restoration in Michigan

Driver's License RestorationFacing a drunk-driving conviction in the state of Michigan is no laughing matter. In addition to facing criminal charges, defendants may have to undergo administrative proceedings with the state's Administrative Hearings Section. Not only will you have to pay penalties, but strict procedures must be followed to determine whether your license will be restricted, suspended, revoked or denied. Having the right information and legal advice may save you from facing a long-term suspension or revocation. 

Back to School Drunk Driving Prevention

yay-3232801.jpgGoing back to college to complete another year of study is an exciting time for most students. With welcome back festivities, you will likely run into situations that involve consuming alcohol. If you plan to participate in back to school festivities such as joining a fraternity/sorority or attending homecoming, I strongly recommend you take precautionary steps to ensure that you do not drink and drive. Read on to learn more.

Repeat DUI Offenders - Innocent Until Proven Guilty

031988398-criminal-sitting-bed-jail.jpegAre you facing the possibility of being convicted of operating while intoxicated (OWI) for the second time in Washtenaw County? I may be able to help you get the charge(s) asserted against you reduced, dismissed, or pled down.

Michigan College Students - How to Tell Your Parents About Your DUI

Thumbnail image for Alcoholic-802023.jpgAs a college student, being arrested for a DUI can be a daunting experience. You may be wondering what you should do, how to contact a drunk driving attorney, and whether or not you should tell your parents. Read on to learn more about whether or not you should tell your parents about your DUI and how to get legal help.

Common Roadblocks People Face Regarding Do-It-Yourself In Pro Per Drunk Driving Defense

Do It Yourself ButtonSome legal matters can be handled In Pro Per (do-it-yourself) by plaintiffs and defendants, but when it comes to criminal matters, it is best to retain counsel to represent you through the process.

DUI Conviction Consequences for College Students

yay-460334.jpgIn addition to the criminal and civil consequences that arise from a DUI conviction in Michigan, there are additional collateral consequences that can result as well for undergraduate or graduate college students.

Can You Get That Conviction Expunged or Set Aside?

In looking at possible collateral consequences of your conviction, you may ask - can you get the conviction expunged or set aside? Maybe.