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Hungover Driving is Still Impaired Driving

photodune-12154727-young-drunk-man-sleeping-in-the-bar-m.jpgIt is never safe to get behind the wheel and drive after consuming alcohol. Most people believe that if they wait an hour or two after drinking alcohol they will be okay to drive. Well, per multiple international studies, drivers who are hungover are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. To put it simply, hungover driving is still impaired driving. Read on to learn more.

Drunk or 'Super Drunk'? The difference matters for DUI

Once you cross the 0.08 blood alcohol content line, getting behind the wheel of a car is asking for trouble. But in many states, there's another BAC line you should be aware of. In Michigan, there are especially steep penalties for drunk driving with a BAC of 0.17.

Under the Legal Limit - Drunk Driving Arrest

Under the Legal Limit - Drunk Driving Arrest.pngIn Michigan, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can lead to criminal penalties. For example, you can be charged with an OWI (commonly referred to as a DUI) if you drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit of .08%. In addition, you can also be arrested for impaired driving if you operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This means you are substantially and materially affected by alcohol.

How to Avoid a DUI

How to Avoid a DUI.jpgConsuming one beer or glass of wine prior to driving can result in you being charged with a DUI. Even if you feel okay to drive, your blood alcohol content may actually be above the legal limit. Below are 4 simple tips on how to avoid a DUI in Ann Arbor. Read on to learn more.

Top 5 Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Top 5 Consequences of a DUI Conviction.jpgDriving under the influence of alcohol is the most common criminal offense committed in the United States. If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Ann Arbor, you could face serious repercussions. From paying penalties and fines, to serving time in jail, being convicted of a DUI will impact your life. Read on to learn more about the top 5 consequences of a DUI conviction.

DUI Probation Violation

DUI Probation Violation.jpgViolating your Ann Arbor DUI probation terms is never a good idea. Not only will you be subjected to being jailed, you may also have to pay higher fines, penalties and additional attorney fees. You will also be subjected to a longer period of probation. Below is an overview of the common ways defendants violate probation and how I can help you. Read on to learn more.