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Washtenaw County Attorney - Drunk & Disorderly in Public

man drunk in publicSay you are out at the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University tailgating or at happy hour with your friends. Everyone is having a great time reminiscing about the past and enjoying each others company. The conversation continues outside and next thing you know, a situation escalates with another group of individuals that results in a physical altercation occurring. Police officers arrive and you are immediately arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public. Should you call an attorney? Read on to find out.

Ann Arbor Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

yay-12796584.jpgWithin the past few years, several states have legalized the possession and use of marijuana. The federal government has even taken a step back in prosecuting such crimes. Communities throughout Michigan have also questioned the criminality of marijuana and have signed petitions in favor of legalizing it.

Additional Dangers During Michigan DUI Traffic Stops

Policeman-2006573.jpgFollowing a recent trend in many other states, Michigan takes a hard line on driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or Schedule 1 controlled substances - which can include some prescription medications. If you are over the legal limit of alcohol (0.08%) or if you have any amount of cocaine or a Schedule 1 controlled substance in your system, you may face a variety of penalties. This includes mandatory suspension of your driving privileges for at least 6 months - even for a first offense.

Portable Drug Testing Diagnostic Devices

031980179-officer-arresting-drug-dealer.jpegDuring the festivities of the New Year's holiday 2013, the City of Los Angeles rolled out a new program expanding the testing for the use of other drugs at DUI checkpoints. These diagnostics typically test saliva using mouth swabs to test for narcotics in suspect individuals. This was a state funded pilot program, but as of January 2014, has also been tested in 14 other states.