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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

Washtenaw County Drunk Driving Conviction

Drunk-Man-Car-3052244.jpgBeing convicted of drunk driving in Ann Arbor can result in serious consequences. Not only will you be subjected to paying hefty court fines and penalties, but your ability to drive and serving jail time can also be costly. Read on to learn more about what to expect when being convicted of drunk driving in Washtenaw County.

Sober Holiday Party Driving Tips

People-Toasting-3305914.jpgAccording to statistics, the odds of being pulled over for drunk driver dramatically increase between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. This is in large part due to the increase in alcohol consumption during the holiday season. If you will be hosting a holiday party during this period, use the following tips to help prevent drunk driving.

Appealing a Michigan DUI

appeal drunk driving in court(1).jpegIn Michigan, a criminal defendant has a right to appeal after a conviction. This applies to all offenses including those related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This right generally applies if the case actually goes to trial. If you accepted a plea deal, you will ordinarily have waived any automatic appeal rights and must request leave (permission) to appeal.

Public Defender vs. Private Attorney - Which one is better?

lawyers-courtroom.jpegWhen charged with a DUI, you may be wondering if you should hire a private attorney or public defender to defend the charge(s) asserted against you. I strongly recommend you review the public defender's qualifications as well as the private attorney prior to selecting counsel. Read on to learn more. 

SCOTUS DUI Machine Ruling - Breathalyzer Machines Are Generally Accurate

Thumbnail image for breathalyzerThe Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently rejected a motorist's challenge to the reliability of the machine used in California to test the blood alcohol content (BAC) of drivers. The justices denied review of a state Superior Court ruling that concluded that the machines are accurate and can be used to determine if whether a driver's BAC was over the legal limit of .08%.

Back to School Drunk Driving Prevention

yay-3232801.jpgGoing back to college to complete another year of study is an exciting time for most students. With welcome back festivities, you will likely run into situations that involve consuming alcohol. If you plan to participate in back to school festivities such as joining a fraternity/sorority or attending homecoming, I strongly recommend you take precautionary steps to ensure that you do not drink and drive. Read on to learn more.

Washtenaw County Professional License Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

031951095-confident-female-estate-agent-.jpegI previously published a blog post discussing the administrative penalties licensed professionals may face for a DUI conviction in Michigan. Administrative penalties regarding DUI convictions not only impact health care professionals, but real estate agents, vehicle salespersons, and alcohol distribution license holders as well.

Repeat DUI Offenders - Innocent Until Proven Guilty

031988398-criminal-sitting-bed-jail.jpegAre you facing the possibility of being convicted of operating while intoxicated (OWI) for the second time in Washtenaw County? I may be able to help you get the charge(s) asserted against you reduced, dismissed, or pled down.

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