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How Ride-Share Programs Help Prevent DUIs

Thumbnail image for ride-share-uber-lyft-sidecar-drunk-driver.jpgTechnology continues to change our lives daily. From helping us navigate to new destinations, to keeping us safer on the road, studies show that new ride-share programs are not only convenient, they help prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Popular rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have gained momentum nationwide because of their convenience and low cost. Most ride-share services are available via Smartphone, are easily downloaded, and payment is conveniently pre-arranged through credit card. This enables patrons to not worry about having cash readily available.

According to researchers, a recent study indicated a drop of 11% in DUIs in 2013 in cities in which ride-share programs are prevalent.

Ridesharing services began operating in Philadelphia in 2012 and three services were up and running by April 2013. An analysis of drunk driving arrest data in Philadelphia by blogger and computer statistician Nate Good found that monthly DUI arrests decreased 11 percent from April to December 2013 compared to the eight previous years, according to NBC Philadelphia. The decrease in DUI arrests was particularly notable among drivers under the age of 30. A comparison of the average monthly DUI arrests among drivers under age 30 showed an 18.5 percent decrease in the second half of 2013.

Since Uber partnered with the NFL to offer free rides to players, DUIs in the league have decreased by nearly 80%. In Seattle along, Uber claims there was a 10% drop in DUI arrests after the company entered the market.

Some law enforcement personnel do not fully credit Uber for their success in lowering DUI arrests. In particular, Seattle Police Detective Drew Fowler stated that drunk driving arrests have decreased as a result of a statewide initiative called Target Zero.

"We have seen a decrease in the number of DUI arrests made," Fowler said. "If part of that can be assigned to the introduction of Uber, fantastic. But I don't think proving the veracity of that is going to be very easy to do."

Though critics may disagree, there is a direct correlation between the decrease in drunk driving and ride-share friendly cities.

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