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Michigan Drunk Driving Employment Consequences

photodune-9331211-criminal-background-check-application-form-xs.jpgBeing charged and/or convicted with drunk driving an Ann Arbor can result in serious employment related consequences. From being placed on paid administrative leave, to being terminated, the mistake of drinking and driving can severely impact your career. Read on to learn more about Michigan drunk driving employment consequences and how I can help you.

Common Types of DUI Employment Disciplinary Action

1. Mandatory Termination Policy

Your current employment may be impacted as a result of a DUI charge or conviction. You may miss work due to court appearances, serving jail time, and meeting your community service requirements. Some employers may also have mandatory termination policies in place if an employee is convicted of drunk driving. For example, public bus drivers often lose their jobs if they are convicted of drunk driving.

Former bus driver Martha Thompson, a resident of Allegany County, New York, recently lost her job as a result of driving a school bus under the influence of alcohol. Thompson was sentenced to 90 days in jail, six months of electronic home monitoring, and five years of probation.

Any job that requires driving a company vehicle, such as a delivery truck driver for FedEx, may result in termination if you are charged/convicted of drunk driving. In lieu of being terminated, your employer may place you on paid or unpaid administrative leave. You should consult with your drunk driving attorney to come up with a strategy to protect your employment interest during your drunk driving case,

2. Professional License Suspension

Depending on your professional license designation, it may be suspended or revoked if you are convicted of drunk driving. Some state licensing agencies require its licensees to refrain from all forms of criminal activity and require the license holder to report such activity to the agency upon being formally charged. As an attorney, I know the investment that goes into obtaining a professional license. Do not let a DUI charge ruin your career.

In addition, your professional relationships may suffer as well. Your coworkers, colleagues and clients may frown upon you and not want to do business with you. You do not want a DUI charge/conviction to stain your professional reputation. Try to keep the matter as private as possible and only disclose information if you are required to do so and only to those with a need to know. When in doubt on how to handle a situation that may result in negative consequence, contact your attorney.

3. Commercial Driver's License Suspension

If you are arrested for drunk driving while operating a commercial vehicle, you will automatically be placed out-of-service for 24 hours. If you refuse to take the chemical blood alcohol content test or are convicted of drunk driving, your commercial license will be suspended for one year. This type of suspension can have a serious impact on your career and result in your employment termination.

By all means, you should consult with a drunk driving criminal defense attorney if you believe your employment status may be in jeopardy. It is imperative that you hire a skilled attorney to advocate on your behalf in order to have the charge reduced or completely dismissed. Contact Ann Arbor DUI attorney Stacey Washington to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.


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