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Sober Holiday Party Driving Tips

People-Toasting-3305914.jpgAccording to statistics, the odds of being pulled over for drunk driver dramatically increase between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. This is in large part due to the increase in alcohol consumption during the holiday season. If you will be hosting a holiday party during this period, use the following tips to help prevent drunk driving.

Designate a Sober Driver

As guests RSVP to attend your party, remind them to designate a sober, non-drinking driver if they plan to consume alcohol at the party. Tell them that you will have a sober, non-drinking driver available for guests. This will help you bring the issue of drinking and driving to the forefront of conversation with your guest as you plan your party. By designating a sober driver, your guests will be more inclined to not drink and drive.

Stop Serving Alcoholic Beverages at a Designated Time

To be safe, stop serving alcoholic beverages an hour or so before your party is expected to end. I recommend you serve a great dessert or some type of treat to keep guests around. Remember, time is key for sobering up. It is also helpful to set a limit on the number of alcoholic beverages served - fewer drinks served lessens the possibility of a guest becoming too intoxicated to drive.

Hire a Bartender

A professional bartender will be much more likely to know if a guest has had too much to drink. The bartender will also be able to act as a neutral party if it is necessary to refuse to serve a guest. Therefore, I recommend you hire a professional bartender for your holiday party.

Call a Cab for Guests

Call a cab for your impaired guests. Doing so will not only help save their life, but also prevent the chance of them being arrested and charged with a DUI. Washtenaw County law enforcement agencies will increase patrol units on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. The police are out to arrest people for drunk driving. Even if your guests consume one alcoholic beverage, they can still be cited for drunk driving. Do not take any chances. When in doubt, call a cab for a friend. A cab ride home is much cheaper than paying for a DUI. I also recommend you look into utilizing car services for your guests..

Take the Car Keys Away from Impaired Guests

If any of your guests refuse to take a cab ride home and you believe they are impaired to drive, take away their car keys. Offer them a guest bedroom, air mattress, or couch to sleep on until they sober up. If necessary, drive all impaired guests home yourself.

If you are charged with drunk driving this holiday season, I invite you to contact me for a consultation. I provide drunk driving criminal defense to Ann Arbor residents. Call 734-274-6567 to speak with me directly.


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