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The Inequalities Regarding DUI Arrests & Sentencing Between Law Enforcement Officials & Ordinary Citizens

The Inequalities Regarding DUI Arrests & Sentencing Between Law Enforcement Officials & Ordinary Citizens

Do you think there are inequalities regarding drunk driving arrests and convictions between law enforcement officials and ordinary state residents? Well, based on my research into the matter, there appear to be significant inequalities between the two.

Recently, in Macomb County, Michigan, Circuit Court Judge Richard Caretti was involved in a drunk driving incident with his underage children in the car. Caretti's girlfriend, Brenda Conway, was charged and has pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Judge Caretti claimed that he was unaware of his girlfriend being drunk and was neither arrested nor charged with child endangerment or aiding and abetting a drunk driver. Lori Conway, the judge's ex-wife, stated the following:

"I think Judge Caretti should have been charged with child endangerment. He should be held to the same standard or a higher standard [as others in a similar situation]."

Do you agree with Ms. Conway?

A similar situation recently occurred in North Carolina when a couple was arrested for drunk driving. Moses Smith, the passenger, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse, aiding and abetting impaired driving, and having an open container after consuming alcohol. The driver was formally charged with a DWI.

In Florida, Broward County Judge Cynthia Imperato, was recently charged with a DUI. State records currently show that this is her second DUI. Her first DUI occurred in 1988. Upon being pulled over under the suspicion of drunk driving, Imperato refused to take the breathalyzer test and blood-alcohol test at the police station. The refusal to take such a test usually results in an automatic license suspension. Imperato's attorney stated "She's going to be golden. She's going to be able to drive uninterrupted despite the alleged refusal...and unless she looks like she's impaired [on the police video], she has a pretty good case." Do you think the judge has an advantage in this situation since she is familiar with how DUI cases are prosecuted under Florida State law?

These are just a few examples of law enforcement officials receiving favored treatment and lighter sentences or no sentence at all when involved with drunk driving related offenses. This apparently occurs quite frequently across the U.S. There should be consistency regarding the criminal charges all individuals receive for drunk driving related offenses. Charges and/or penalties imposed against a person should not be determined or reduced based on the position he or she holds within local, state, or federal government.

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