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Social Media Drunk Driving Confessions

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Why do people confess to drunk driving crimes on social media channels? Do they seek forgiveness from the public? Are they doing it to brag? Or, do they just want attention?

Well, throughout the past year, there has been a steady increase in people publicly sharing stories about drunk driving crimes they have committed, or were in the process of committing on social media channels.

Psychologists, such as Pamela Rutledge, a Director of the Media Psychology Research Center at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, are currently studying the underlying motivation behind social media crime confessions.

Below I have listed some of the most notorious social media drunk driving confessions that have occurred throughout the year.

Recent Twitter Drunk Driving Crime Confession

Kayla Mendoza, tweeted "2 drunk 2 care" four hours before allegedly causing a horrific accident that claimed the lives of two women. She has not yet been arrested or charged with any crime. However, law enforcement officials are currently investigating the accident to determine if she was intoxicated when the accident occurred and whether the tweet belongs to Mendoza.

YouTube Drunk Driving Confession

In Ohio, a man recently confessed in an online video to killing a man in a drunk driving accident. Matthew Cordle, the defendant, released a video on YouTube describing how he drove the wrong way on a Columbus interstate and crashed into Vincent Canzani, a 61-year-old veteran.

The video was used as evidence against Cordle who was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide with an alcohol specification. He was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. When asked why he made the video, Cordle replied, "I'm giving prosecutors what they need to put me away for a very long time. But I'm willing to take that sentence, for just one reason, so I can pass this message on. I beg you...I'm begging you, please don't drink and drive."

LiveLeak Drunk "And Then Driving" Confession

Richard Godbehere recently posted a video of himself drunk driving on LiveLeak. While drinking a beer and driving in his video, he states the following:

"We all know drinking and driving is against the law. You're not supposed to do that. But they didn't say anything about driving and then drinking."

Police later showed up at his house and arrested him for consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle and driving without a license.

Countless individuals question why others choose to confess to crimes on social media channels. Not only is it poor judgment to commit such crimes but, it is even worse to publicly boast about it as well. Such an error in judgment can lead to criminal charges and increased sentencing penalties.


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