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Michigan teen charged with vehicular homicide

Drivers in Ann Arbor know that they are required to take reasonable care to avoid harming others, while they are behind the wheel. This requirement is not only enforced in order to make roads safer for everyone but also to avoid criminal charges that can cause a driver to experience severe penalties and fines.

Reportedly, an 18-year-old man from Michigan is facing charges in connection with a motor-vehicle crash that led to a victim's death. The teenager, who is from Dexter, Michigan, was charged with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide for allegedly causing the collision.

According to sources, the teen was accused of hitting the victim's vehicle while he was driving through Ohio. He asserted that he was on his way to visit a family friend. It was also reported that the accused teenager was cited for speeding after he left Ann Arbor. However, police believe that drugs and alcohol did not contribute to the crash.

Whether a fatal motor-vehicle crash occurs due to drunk driving or other factors that may contribute to the crash, vehicular homicide may bring severe consequences to the accused person. Regardless of age, a vehicular homicide on a person's record can limit employment opportunities as well as many other opportunities, including college admission. It may also cost a driver driving privileges and he or she may have to face fines and jail time.

Despite these consequences, Michigan residents accused of vehicular homicide or assault have the right to defend themselves against the allegations. While such cases may be challenging, a criminal defense attorney may use strategies and conduct an investigation to contest the accusations. They may also present options that can eliminate or reduce the charges.

Source: ABC 6, "Mich. Teen Goes Home after Allegedly Causing Fatal Crash in Ohio," Lisa Rantala and Ken Hones, July 2, 2013

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