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Michigan police arrest two drivers on DUI suspicion

Most Michiganders are well aware of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consequences may include arrest, conviction for drunken driving and heavy fines.

In Ferndale recently one early morning, police took two drivers into custody on suspicion of drunken driving. Police were called to the scene of a drunk driving rollover crash site and were in the middle of clearing the vehicle when another driver almost crashed into a tow truck one hour later. A preliminary breath test of the driver of the rolled vehicle showed a 0.12 blood alcohol content. Because he had sustained an accident injury, the man was taken to the hospital for treatment and a blood sample.

The second driver who nearly ran into the tow truck refused a breath test at the scene. He told police he was not drunk, but police said he smelled strongly of intoxicants. After obtaining a search warrant, officers took him to the hospital for a BAC test. The man reportedly struggled with an officer at the police station.

Police have not yet formally charged either but expect to file drunken-driving charges after BAC test results are returned.

In Michigan, the legal BAC level is .08. Anyone found driving beyond this limit faces drunken-driving charges. Preliminary breath tests are typically used to measure alcohol content. If the driver is above .08, police have right to take the person into custody. The initial BAC level from the field can be confirmed by a blood test.

If the BAC is above the legal limit and formal drunken-driving charges are filed, the accused usually faces several hardships. These charges often mean driving license suspensions, fines and even jail sentences. The accused should contemplate a strong and effective defense with the help of a legal professional to have charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Source: Macomb Daily, "Drunken driver in Ferndale nearly crashed into drunken accident scene, police say," Michael P. McConnell, Feb. 06, 2013

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