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Chelsea, Michigan police stop vehicle with expired registration

While most everyone has a right to drive, driving with a suspended license is illegal and the person may end up with an impounded vehicle and a citation for a suspended license, expired registration and no proof of insurance. While on patrol recently, a Chelsea police officer noticed a car being driven down Grant Street and noticed the vehicle's registration had expired several months ago.

The Chelsea, Michigan Police impounded the vehicle being driven by a 65-year-old woman near the intersection of West Summit Street and Grant Street. After conducting a traffic stop police learned her driver's license had been suspended nine months earlier. Police impounded and towed away the vehicle and issued a citation for a suspended license, expired registration and no proof of insurance to the woman.

Revocation of the license means losing the right to drive and the person whose license has been suspended should expeditiously apply for revocation of the license suspension. The person should also understand the reasons for suspension or revocation of the license. While applying for revocation of a suspended license, the person can also apply for a conditional license.

Repeated suspension or revocation of the license can lead to permanent loss of the right to drive. Steps should be taken to see whether the revocation or the suspension of the license was proper and whether proper procedure was followed.

It is important to check the basis on which the license was suspended. For example, was it suspended based on a police investigation report, medical examination report, sobriety test or accident site report? A situation like this may be complicated and may require the skills of a legal professional to help the individual to build the case. Sound advice is advisable.

Source: Chelsea Patch, "Chelsea Woman Caught Driving with Suspended License," Daniel Lai, Jan. 29, 2013


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