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DUI Arraignment Tips

pexels-photo-38904.jpegIn Michigan, upon being arrested and charged with a DUI, you will be required to attend an arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be formally charged with the crime(s) asserted against you and the statutory penalties therein. Most arraignments occur within 72-hours after arrest. It is not uncommon however for an arraignment to occur many months following the arrest.

If you have been summoned to an arraignment, take an attorney with you. Contact my law office for legal representation. I can protect your legal rights and your best interests during the arraignment process. Read on to learn more Washtenaw County DUI arraignment tips and how I can help you.

Washtenaw County DUI Arraignment Tips

1. Hire an Attorney. Upon being arrested and summoned for a court arraignment, hire a DUI attorney. Though many people are competent to represent themselves during an arraignment, I recommend people be represented by legal counsel. An attorney will make sure your legal rights are protected from the initiation of the criminal proceeding to the end. Certain statements made during the arraignment may later hurt your case. It is best to have an attorney present advising you and advocating on your behalf.

Most court appearances following the arraignment are often two to four weeks out (if not longer). You can decide to obtain legal representation post-arraignment.

2. Do not enter a plea without first obtaining legal counsel. I advise my clients to stand mute or enter a "Not Guilty" plea and ask the judge to reduce bail at an arraignment. Entering a plea without first consulting with counsel can result in you being sentenced to harsh penalties and fines. An experienced attorney can review the merits of the prosecutor's case and provide you with solid legal advice as to whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to a crime.

3. Follow the court orders. The judge may grant bail or bond and set various conditions for you to abide by. Make sure you follow the court order. If you do not complete all the requirements associated with your bail, you may be sent to jail until your next hearing. An attorney can explain and advise you about bond conditions.

4. Dress in a professional manner. Wear a suit or professional business attire when making your first appearance in court. Appearance matters during criminal proceedings. Looking professional may influence the prosecution or judge (even in the slightest manner).

5. Be respectful. Properly address the judge when spoken to during the arraignment. If you contact my law office for legal representation, I will provide you with tips on how to respond to questions the judge may ask you.

I hope the above referenced DUI arraignment tips help. I invite you to contact my law office for legal representation. Do not delay in obtaining legal representation. Doing so may hurt your case. Call 734-929-9730 to speak with me directly.

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