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December 2016 Archives

Can a DUI cause you to lose your job?

That depends on a few things: whether it's a charge or a conviction, and whether it's your first, second or third. However, one thing is certain: anyone with a DUI conviction will face a number of difficulties afterward, in everything from school to work to their personal life. But did you know you could be at risk of losing your job on top of everything else?

Michigan Police Brutality Victim Awarded Millions in Punitive Damages

011399150-police-special-equipment.jpegIn September 2010, Michigan resident William Jennings was arrested for drunk driving. Upon Jennings being processed into custody at Genesee County Jail, police officers threw him onto the ground and struck him multiple times. Jennings was awarded $36.6 million in punitive damages resulting from a lawsuit filed against the police department for the use of excessive force. Fortunately, a jailhouse camera captured the entire incident. The footage was admitted into evidence and was shown to the jury. This ultimately led to the jury rendering a verdict in Jennings favor.