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Michigan DUI Probation Violation Consequences

photodune-6671140-in-jail-xs.jpgIt is not uncommon for a person to violate a probation condition in Michigan. Probation violations often occur when a person misses or fails his/her breath or urine test, is charged with a subsequent crime, or does not pay ordered court fines and costs. If you have violated your probation terms, you may be wondering "What is going to happen to me?" Depending on the nature of the violation, you may be required to serve jail time. Retain an attorney immediately if you receive notice of violating your probation terms. You will be required to appear before a judge to admit or deny that you violated your probation.

If you deny violating probation, you are entitled to a hearing where the prosecutor must present evidence to support the alleged violation. The prosecution must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you violated a probation condition.

Do not go to court alone. Hire an experienced DUI attorney that will defend and protect your legal interests.

If this is your first Michigan DUI probation violation, the judge may allow you to plead guilty to the violation with little or no penalty. However, do not count on the judge being lenient with you. Upon entering a plea, the judge may order you to perform additional alcohol and drug testing. Common probation violations include the following:

· Failing to attend required alcohol abuse treatment programs

· Failing a drug or alcohol test

· Being charged with a subsequent crime

· Missing appointments with the probation officer

· Failure to pay fines and costs

I am experienced in representing people accused of various probation violations. If you retain me as counsel, I can assert evidence on your behalf that challenges the authenticity of a false-positive drug or alcohol test. I can provide additional information to the court to contest the prosecution's probation violation claims. If you are charged with a subsequent crime, I can contest the probation violation and the new charge(s) asserted against you.

I invite you to contact my law office for legal representation. Hire an experienced Ann Arbor DUI attorney to represent you in court. Doing so can reduce the chances of you serving time in jail, having your probation extended, or having to pay increased fines. Do not delay in obtaining legal counsel. Doing so may impact your case. The court can impose several different sanctions. This includes extending your existing probation term, imposing additional probation conditions, or revoking your probation altogether and placing you in jail.

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