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November 2016 Archives

Was your breath test affected by one of these factors?

The National Motorists Association estimates that there is an error rate of about 50 percent when comparing Breathalyzer results of blood alcohol content against blood tests that determine actual BAC. Many factors can affect the results, and you should be aware of them if you are ever charged with DUI. Here are some of the ways a Breathalyzer test could be compromised:

Crackdown on College Drinking

Crackdown on College Drinking.jpgCampuses across the nation are implementing new practices to crackdown on college drinking. For example, the University of Indiana has prohibited hard liquor at fraternity parties. At the University of Michigan, student patrols are actively enforcing a ban on kegs. Stanford University has limited the size of bottles students may possess on campus.

How prescription drugs can lead to a DUI

When you are out on the road, you need to be responsible for your safety and for the safety of the motorists around you. That is the spirit and intent behind DUI laws in most states, but despite that goal, the laws have some practical problems that lead to situations where people can be charged without realizing they were acting illegally. It can also result in people believing they are fine and facing charges they should not encounter because of the problems with the resources that law enforcement has to detect impairment and to make judgments.

Michigan DUI Probation Violation Consequences

photodune-6671140-in-jail-xs.jpgIt is not uncommon for a person to violate a probation condition in Michigan. Probation violations often occur when a person misses or fails his/her breath or urine test, is charged with a subsequent crime, or does not pay ordered court fines and costs. If you have violated your probation terms, you may be wondering "What is going to happen to me?" Depending on the nature of the violation, you may be required to serve jail time. Retain an attorney immediately if you receive notice of violating your probation terms. You will be required to appear before a judge to admit or deny that you violated your probation.