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How to Avoid a DUI

How to Avoid a DUI.jpgConsuming one beer or glass of wine prior to driving can result in you being charged with a DUI. Even if you feel okay to drive, your blood alcohol content may actually be above the legal limit. Below are 4 simple tips on how to avoid a DUI in Ann Arbor. Read on to learn more.

1. Obey Traffic Laws

A police officer must have a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed in order to pull a driver over. If a driver is speeding, runs a red light, or violates any traffic ordinance, the police will have the legal right to pull a driver over. Once a police officer pulls you over, he/she may observe your physical appearance to see if you are intoxicated. Do not give the police a reason to pull you over. Obey all traffic laws in order to avoid a DUI.

2. Be Responsive with the Police

If you are pulled over by the police, provide the police officer with your driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. You can politely tell the officer you wish to exercise your right to remain silent. Aside from providing the officer with your personal information, you do not have to answer any questions he/she may ask. If the police officer insists on questioning you, restate that you are exercising your right to remain silent. Never tell a police officer you have been drinking. You can remain silent and refuse to admit to anything.

3. Refuse to Take Field Sobriety Tests

If the police officer suspects you have been drinking, the officer may request that you to take field sobriety tests. Do not consent to taking field sobriety tests. If you fail a field sobriety test, the police officer will have probable cause to arrest you. You will be taken to the police station or a hospital to have your blood alcohol content (BAC) officially tested. If your BAC is above the legal limit, you will be charged with drunk driving.

Evidence collected from the field sobriety tests will be presented at trial. Refusing to take the tests will make it harder for the police officer to testify that he had probable cause to believe you were drinking and driving.

4. Don't Drink and Drive

The best way to avoid a DUI is to not drink and drive. If you are unsure whether you are sober enough to drive, take an Uber or Lyft home. Do not get behind the wheel. You may be not only a danger to yourself, but other drivers as well.

I invite you to contact my law office if you have recently been charged with drunk driving in the Washtenaw County area. I can review your case and provide you with legal guidance and advice on how to best proceed.

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