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Corporate Rideshare Programs

Corporate Rideshare Programs.jpgRideshare companies have shaken up the transportation industry with force. With the push of a button, people across the U.S. can schedule a ride to their destination of choice.

Corporate rideshare programs are becoming increasingly popular in Michigan. Employers are encouraging employees to sign-up for rideshare programs in an effort to foster healthy employee relationships while reducing carbon emissions. Read on to learn more about popular corporate rideshare programs in Michigan.

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is the sharing of vehicles by passengers to reduce vehicle trips, traffic congestion, and automobile emissions. For example, SPLT, a popular rideshare company based out of Detroit, provides professionals with a simple and easy alternative commute. Through the company's rideshare program, Detroit professionals can save time and money by sharing rides to work with fellow co-workers. Professionals can create an account and sign in through their work email. The date and time of rides must be scheduled in advance. Riders can select which route works best for him/her. After the route is selected, the co-worker is notified of the person's interest to share a ride. This app is great for professionals to network with co-workers while commuting to and from work.

Other popular rideshare companies include Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. Travelers can ride with other locals to nearby attractions. For example, Lyft allows passengers to split rides when traveling to the same location (or direction). According to statistics, rideshare programs have helped reduce DUI accidents:

In California, Uber's home state and largest market, drunk-driving crashes fell by 60 per month among drivers under 30 in the markets where Uber operates following the launch of uberX. That's an estimated total of 1,800 crashes prevented since July 2012.

The Benefits of Using Rideshare Programs

There are several benefits of using rideshare program. From reducing carbon emissions, to building stronger contacts at work and saving gas, rideshare programs offer more benefits than drawbacks.

As an Ann Arbor DUI attorney, I strongly encourage residents to consider using rideshare programs. For example, corporate rideshare program is a great alternative to help employees get home safely after a company sponsored event. Employees who consume alcohol can feel reassured that they have safe passage home from a sober driver.

I invite you to contact me for a consultation and legal representation if you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI in the Washtenaw County area. It is not uncommon for Ann Arbor residents and visitors to make the mistake of driving under the influence. Being charged and convicted of a DUI can seriously impact your professional and personal relationships. Contact me today for legal guidance and advice.


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