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DUI Probation Violation

DUI Probation Violation.jpgViolating your Ann Arbor DUI probation terms is never a good idea. Not only will you be subjected to being jailed, you may also have to pay higher fines, penalties and additional attorney fees. You will also be subjected to a longer period of probation. Below is an overview of the common ways defendants violate probation and how I can help you. Read on to learn more.

Violating Ann Arbor DUI Probation Terms

The following include a brief overview of how defendants typically violate probation in Ann Arbor:

1. Testing Positive for a Controlled Substance or Alcohol

Testing positive for a controlled substance or alcohol is a common reason for DUI probation violation. Most defendants are required to take a drug test on a random basis. Consuming alcohol or drugs prior to testing almost guarantees a charge of probation violation. If you are charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol or some other violation while on probation, contact my law office for legal representation and advice.

Hire an attorney who is experienced in challenging chemical drug and alcohol testing results. Most judges and probation officers have little knowledge regarding controlled substance/alcohol testing. You will need a solid defense to ensure your probation is not violated.

2. Committing a Subsequent DUI Offense

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for drivers to be charged with a subsequent DUI offense. Some people do not realize they have a substance abuse issue. Receiving treatment for alcoholism and addiction is readily available in Ann Arbor but, first, the defendant must admit and acknowledge that he/she has a substance abuse problem. If you are convicted of committing a subsequent DUI offense, a proceeding regarding your probation violation will be held. The standard of proof for a probation violation hearing is very low. Hire an attorney for your probation violation hearing. You do not want to make incriminating statements that may impact your probation or any other criminal proceeding.

3. Failure to Complete Required Classes and Programs

If you are ordered to attend a substance abuse class, meeting (example - Alcohol Anonymous), or treatment program, and you fail to attend, this may result in you being charged with violating your probation. You will need to provide a good explanation as to why you were unable to attend class.

4. Abandoning Probation

If you completely abandon your probation requirements, you may be sent to jail. Failing to report to your probation officer is never a good idea. A warrant may be issued for your arrest and you will also be charged with probation violation. This means you will face being jailed and may be required to pay additional fines, costs and legal fees.

Contact my law office if you have been charged with violating your probation terms. I can help fight the accusations and help you resume your probation term on good terms. Being charged with violating probation is a serious offense. Do not shrug the charge. Seek legal representation, counsel and guidance.

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