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July 2015 Archives

Michigan Drunk Driving Statistics

drunk -driving-Michigan-statistics-concept-xs.jpgMothers Against Drunk Drivers has rated Michigan as a two-star state stating that it has much work to do to reduce drunk driving related accidents. In particular, over this past year in Michigan, drunk driving fatalities have decreased by 2.3% from the previous year, there have been 34,393 DUI arrests, 16,470 convictions, and 3,636 DUI chemical test refusals statewide. Though DUI related incidents have decreased over the years, drunk driving arrests are projected to increase. Read on to learn more.

Michigan Drunk Driving Employment Consequences

photodune-9331211-criminal-background-check-application-form-xs.jpgBeing charged and/or convicted with drunk driving an Ann Arbor can result in serious employment related consequences. From being placed on paid administrative leave, to being terminated, the mistake of drinking and driving can severely impact your career. Read on to learn more about Michigan drunk driving employment consequences and how I can help you.