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June 2015 Archives

Michigan Ignition Interlock Program Reduces DUI Recidivism

ignitioninterlockpreventdrunkdriving.jpgIf you receive a High BAC (0.17 % or higher blood alcohol content) conviction or multiple DUI convictions in Michigan, you will be required to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in your motor vehicle (assuming your driving privileges are restored). 

Medical Defenses to A DUI Charge In Washtenaw County

drunk driving diabetic womanThere are certain medical conditions that may make a person appear to be intoxicated. For example, some symptoms of hyperglycemia and alcohol impairment may be similar. Hyperglycemia occurs when a person's blood glucose concentration is above normal levels. A person who is suffering from hyperglycemia may experience slurred speech, blurred vision, fatigue, confusion, and fruity-smelling breath. Such symptoms may lead an officer to believe that a person is driving under the influence of alcohol.