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April 2015 Archives

How to Pardon a Michigan Drunk Driving Conviction - The Benefits of Being Politically Connected

legal-protection-xs.jpgA drunk driving conviction cannot be expunged in Michigan. However, receiving a Governor's pardon can erase the conviction from your criminal record. That's what recently happened for politically connected high powered attorney Alan Gocha Jr., a member of Michigan's economic board. Gocha received a rare pardon from Governor Rick Snyder (R) this winter.

Michigan DUI Attorneys Challenging Roadside Sobriety Tests Results

Lightbar-979828.jpgThroughout criminal courthouses in Michigan, roadside sobriety tests results are being challenged by defense attorneys. DUI defense attorneys have recently argued that the admissibility of such tests are unlawful. This is in large part due to a recent change in law which took effect January 15, 2015. Read on to learn more.