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March 2015 Archives

Ann Arbor Sales Consultant DUI Conviction Consequences

Employment-Application-1562586.jpgAs a sales consultant, being convicted of drunk driving can be detrimental to your career. Most sale consultants have to drive to meet clients when pitching new products and carry a valid driver's license at all times. Being convicted of drunk driving will result in your driver's license being suspended or revoked and possibly being fired from your job because you can't drive to perform your work duties. Read on to learn more about sales consultants DUI conviction consequences.

Can I Be Fired for A DUI Conviction in Michigan?

drunkdrivingjobtermination.jpgMy clients often ask me if "Can I be fired if convicted of drunk driving in Michigan?" Many of my client's cases are dismissed due to a lack of evidence presented for prosecution or through plea bargaining in which they agree to a lesser charge to avoid harsher penalties. However, throughout my career as a criminal defense attorney, I have heard about people losing their jobs or being placed on paid/unpaid administrative leave due to being charged or convicted of drunk driving.