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Teachers Accused of Drunk Driving - Retain a Lawyer

teacher-reading-book.jpegSometimes, teachers are arrested for drunk driving. Teachers are often placed on paid or unpaid administrative leave until their case is resolved. And, teachers may be in danger of losing their jobs and teaching certification if convicted of driving under the influence. As a teacher, if you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, contact me for a case consultation.

Teachers Arrested for Drunk Driving

Michael Ettz, a high school math teacher and track and field coach in Bergen County, New Jersey, was recently arrested for drunk driving after hitting a police patrol car. Immediately after hitting Officer Daniel Breslin's car, Ettz fled the scene on foot and was later picked up by the police.

Breslin had pulled over to help a colleague who was having trouble with his police radio, officials said, and impact of the crash was so intense that he was trapped inside his car with head injuries and broken bones.

Parents and students who found out about the accident have mixed feelings. Resident Una Celestine said her son was deeply upset.

"That's their coach and they look up to him. And when that happens, and he was really upset to know that he's in trouble," said Celestine.

Third grade Sacramento teacher Patricia Robertson was arrested for drunk driving after crashing into a car which then crashed into a nearby home. Robertson's car continued forward striking John Sandhu's house next door. Robertson's blood alcohol content was allegedly three times the legal limit. Robertson has been placed on paid administrative leave as a result of her arrest. Estimated damage to the two homes was reported to be $50,000.

"Luckily, we have a lot of stuff in the garage that I think actually stopped the car from going all the way through and into his bedroom," Sandhu said.

"I've seen this lady many times before speeding in the same street. I've had to yell at her a few times in the past to slow down cause there are kids here, and she's been doing it for years," Sandu said.

There are many negative consequences that can arise if a teacher is convicted of drunk driving, or even charged with drunk driving. If you are a teacher and have been charged with drunk driving in Washtenaw County, contact me for a consultation. Do not rely on self-representation. Teachers who are convicted of drunk driving are often fired or forced to resign from their jobs. A skilled attorney can help you develop a criminal defense to try to get the charge(s) asserted against you reduced or completely dismissed and, therefore, help save your job and reputation.


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