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October 2014 Archives

Possible Charges and Defenses for Public Urination in Michigan

man drunk in public carrying kegWhile public urination may not seem like a serious crime, it can carry serious legal ramifications if a proper defense is not made. The Michigan Penal Code does not list public urination as a crime. However, many towns and cities do have local ordinances that make it illegal and offenders face a misdemeanor charge and a minimum 90-days jail sentence. Some towns and municipalities will even seek out a higher charge by charging the offense as an act of indecent exposure.

Washtenaw County Attorney - Drunk & Disorderly in Public

man drunk in publicSay you are out at the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University tailgating or at happy hour with your friends. Everyone is having a great time reminiscing about the past and enjoying each others company. The conversation continues outside and next thing you know, a situation escalates with another group of individuals that results in a physical altercation occurring. Police officers arrive and you are immediately arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public. Should you call an attorney? Read on to find out.

Ann Arbor Shoplifting Criminal Defense Attorney

Thief-1529113.jpgA shoplifting (retail fraud) conviction can result in serious criminal fines, penalties, and possible jail time depending on the value of the property stolen and/or the criminal record of the defendant. It is imperative that you consult with a criminal defense attorney to obtain legal advice upon being charged. Read on to learn more about common retail fraud crimes and the penalties and sentencing that apply in Ann Arbor, Michigan.