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031951095-confident-female-estate-agent-.jpegI previously published a blog post discussing the administrative penalties licensed professionals may face for a DUI conviction in Michigan. Administrative penalties regarding DUI convictions not only impact health care professionals, but real estate agents, vehicle salespersons, and alcohol distribution license holders as well.

For instance, in Michigan, in order to sell motor vehicles, salespersons, sales managers, and car dealerships must obtain a Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles Sales License. The application requirements are straightforward and require little to no assistance in completing.

Vehicle sales license holders must refrain from certain conduct while licensed. Engaging in criminal activity, being charged with a crime, or convicted of felony drunk driving could result in the revocation of your vehicle sales license.

As a licensed realtor, residential realtor, or real estate broker in Michigan, your license can be revoked or suspended for violating professional standards of conduct. Common grounds for discipline include the failure to disclose a criminal conviction, being convicted of felony drunk driving, and engaging in fraudulent business practices.

A professional license board will launch a formal investigation to determine if there is enough evidence to support any accusations of misconduct. If there is sufficient information to warrant a formal investigation, a formal hearing will be conducted in front of an Administrative Law Judge in which you can present evidence and witnesses to challenge the claims.

I recommend you obtain counsel to attend the hearing and to prepare a valid defense on your behalf. As a drunk driving criminal defense attorney, I invite you to contact my law office for a consultation to discuss your case in confidence. I will provide you with the best legal options possible and present clear information on how to go about resolving your case for optimal success.

Whatever you do, do not hesitate to obtain legal counsel when faced with a formal administrative hearing. If you lose your license, not only will your business be impacted, but your professional career as well.

You can contact me at 734-274-6567 to schedule a consultation. I provide drunk driving legal representation to Ann Arbor area licensed professionals.

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