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Internalizing a DUI - It Could Happen to Anyone

Thumbnail image for 031987704-businessman-walking-prison-cel.jpegContrary to popular belief, making the mistake of drinking and driving does not make you a bad person. Anyone can have a lapse in judgment and make the wrong decision to drink under the influence of alcohol. Whether it is your husband driving home after consuming one drink at happy hour, or your wife driving home from wine tasting with friends, the risk of being pulled over and arrested for a DUI is always present. Read on to learn more on how to internalize a DUI arrest.

Should You Tell Your Spouse or Parent About Your DUI Arrest?

You may be wondering if you should tell your spouse or parent that you were arrested and charged with a DUI. Though you may be able to hide the arrest from your spouse or parent for a duration of time, your spouse or parent may find out about your DUI if your driver's license is suspended or you are required to install an ignition interlock device. Or, if your spouse or parent opens your mail, he or she may see the court notices.

In addition, the legal fees of obtaining an attorney, the fines and penalties you may face, and the potential jail time or probation you may be required to serve, will ultimately result in your spouse or parent finding out about your DUI from bank or credit card records. Depending on the nature of your DUI charge(s) and relationship, it may be in your best interest to inform your spouse or parent about the pending criminal matter immediately.

At the end of the day, your spouse and/or parent loves you. They may be initially shocked, angry and disappointed. But, I have yet to see a situation where a family member doesn't support and help my DUI clients.

Do You Need a DUI Attorney?

Yes. Whether you obtain a public defender or private attorney, you should not advocate on your own behalf against an experienced prosecutor. As a former DUI prosecutor, I know first hand the legal repercussions unrepresented defendants face when advocating on their own behalf. You should at least take the time to meet with an attorney to find out what your legal options are and how much it will costs. Even if you can only afford to pay for the initial meeting, it is worth the investment in yourself.

How to Treat Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

If you find yourself struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, you should look into various treatment programs to overcome your addiction and avoid possible DUIs. For instance, in Washtenaw County, a sobriety court program was implemented to help people address and treat their alcohol addiction. There are several alcoholism treatment programs in Washtenaw County as well such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Greenbrook Recovery Center, Dawn Farm and others.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Washtenaw County area, contact me for a consultation. I provide legal representation to Ann Arbor area residents faced with drunk driving criminal charges.

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