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Woman arrested on drunk driving charges in Michigan

Being arrested for drunk driving in Ann Arbor can be a frightening and embarrassing experience. After all, a drunk driving charge is a serious criminal charge that could result in license suspension, significant fines, and a jail sentence here in Michigan.

In nearby Dearborn, Michigan, a 25-year-old woman was recently arrested after she crashed into three vehicles in an apartment complex parking lot. Local police stated that she is allegedly responsible for hitting the vehicles in the parking lot. She is also accused of fleeing the scene.

According to sources, a resident of the apartment complex and two of his friends heard the crash in the parking lot and went out to investigate. They found the defendant driving in reverse and witnessed her hit a friend's car. The woman gave her contact information to the witnesses and drove away. The witnesses called the phone number that the woman gave them several times but whoever answered the phone kept hanging up.

Police later found the car in a driveway with fresh rear bumper damage and vomit on the driver's door and the console. The defendant claimed that she only had one beer at a friend's party and had a medical emergency, which required her mother to bring her medication to her. She also told authorities that the men refused to take her contact information.

Officers allege that the woman smelled of alcohol and registered a 0.145 percent blood alcohol content level. She was arrested on drunk driving charges and leaving the scene of a crash.

In a case such as this, there is always the possibility that something else may have contributed to the accident. An accused person may wish to consider consulting an attorney who has experience with drunk driving cases in Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas. An attorney can offer advice on how the accused can put forth the best possible defense to the charges.

Source: Press & Guide," DEARBORN: Woman arrested for drunken driving after hitting three vehicles, fleeing to parents' house," Joe Slezak, Aug. 15, 2013

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