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5 Tips on What to do When Stopped for a DUI in Washtenaw County

Read my 5 tips below on what to do when stopped for a DUI in Washtenaw County.

1. Be Polite & Courteous With the Officer

When a police officer pulls you over under the suspension of a DUI, you should be polite and courteous to the officer. Do not try to run away from the police. This will only enhance their suspicion about the potential of you being involved in a crime and lead to additional charges being asserted against you.

2. Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

In addition to being polite to the police officer, you should limit your responses to any questions the officer may have to that of your identity. Under Michigan State law, you are required to provide law enforcement officials with your identity upon request. You should present your driver's license and vehicle registration to a police officer if you are stopped for the suspicion of a DUI in Washtenaw County.

3. Refuse Field Sobriety Tests

Particularly where there is serious personal injury to another person or property damage and/or this is not your first DUI, you should probably refuse to take any field sobriety tests. Most officers will ask you to take a field sobriety tests, such as walk-the-line, count backwards, or a preliminary breath test. Note, preliminary breath test results are generally not admissible in court. But, if you decline to take the preliminary breath test, you will receive a ticket/fine.

Further, you can take the field sobriety tests, but it is not in your best interest to do so because it will be used against you.

4. Breathalyzer Test

At some point, the officer will probably place you under arrest and take you to a facility with a breathalyzer machine and request that you to take a breath test.

In Michigan, we have an implied consent law where you are obligated to take the test. If this is your first offense, you should take the test otherwise you will lose your license for at least a year. But, if there is serious personal injury to another person or property damage and/or this is not your first DUI, you should probably refuse to take the test because the potential criminal penalties will be more severe than the loss of your license for a year.

5. Contact a DUI Attorney

If you are arrested, you should immediately call an attorney upon your release from custody. Do not try to represent yourself alone because you will face serious consequences that will impact your entire life for years to come.

If you have been arrested for an OWI/OWPD in Ann Arbor, contact Ann Arbor criminal defense attorney Stacey Washington to help you navigate through this difficult situation in your life. Stacey Washington has helped several clients mitigate any long-term consequences of OWIs/OWPDs.

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