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Should an Out-of-County Attorney Represent You for a Drunk Driving Charge in Michigan?


I previously wrote a blog article discussing how a drunk driving charge in Michigan impacts an out-of-state resident. Well, a common issue that arises when a resident receives an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge in Michigan is whether to obtain an out-of-county attorney or ain-county drunk driving attorney to assist in defending the charges asserted against him or her.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring an in-county drunk driving attorney and/or an out-of-county attorney to represent you for an OWI charge in Washtenaw County.

Hiring a Washtenaw County Drunk Driving Attorney versus an Out-of-County Attorney

It is in your best interest to hire a Washtenaw County attorney to represent you for a drunk driving charge in Washtenaw County. An experienced Washtenaw County attorney will know the best legal defenses under state law and the county to assert on your behalf in comparison to an out-of-county attorney who does not regularly practice in the county. This could make a difference in the effort to reduce or dismiss the charges asserted against you.

Although some attorneys will travel throughout the state, they may not be very familiar with the judges and/or prosecutors in Washtenaw County. Therefore, hiring an out-of-county attorney might not be in your best interest regarding a Washtenaw County drunk driving charge.

If you have been arrested for a OWI in Washtenaw County, contact Ann Arbor criminal defense attorney Stacey Washington to help you navigate through this difficult situation in your life. Stacey Washington has helped a number of clients mitigate any long-term consequences of OWI charges and convictions.

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