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Michigan mom charged with drunk driving, high BAC

Washtenaw County residents understand that being charged with drunk driving is a serious matter. Penalties for drunk driving may include a loss of driving privileges, fines and even a jail sentence. In Michigan, however, these penalties can actually increase depending on the results of a blood alcohol test - in other words, the more intoxicated a driver allegedly is, the harsher the consequences become.

Take the case of a mother recently arrested at a middle school about an hour outside of Ann Arbor, where a supposed dispute over a parking space lead someone to call the police. By the time they arrived, one of the parties to the alleged argument had fled. The other - a mother in her early forties who had come to pick up her teenage girl - was arrested after police questioned her and suspected that she was intoxicated.

The mother submitted to a breathalyzer which registered .18 percent. Police also claim to have found her in possession of controlled substances including painkillers prescribed to another individual and marijuana. In addition to charges of possession for the latter, she is charged with operating a vehicle with a high blood alcohol content.

In Michigan, .17 percent is the threshold beyond which a driver can be charged under the state's Super Drunk DUI laws. This means that even those for whom it is their first offense and who may have never been involved in an accident can still face stiff penalties. Increased fines, a jail sentence (up to 180 days), mandatory alcohol treatment and a minimum one year license suspension are all potential consequences for defendants facing DWI charges with a blood alcohol content of .17 percent or higher.

When facing serious charges like these, a strong defense is essential to protecting a defendant's legal rights in court. A legal professional may be able to help a defendant fight for a reduction or dismissal of charges in some cases and preserve one's driving privileges which are vital to the work and family lives of so many here in Washtenaw County.

Source: My Fox Detroit, "Mom arrested for drunk driving, drugs after school parking lot brawl," Alyssa Strickland-Keqaj, Sept. 19, 2013

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