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Michigan city moves closer to stiffer drunk driving penalties

Driving while intoxicated is a dangerous act. This is why drunk driving laws were created to curb drunk driving accidents and to punish drivers for their dangerous behavior. Generally, a conviction for DWI charges leads to fines, and possibly jail time and license suspension. A license suspension is a serious consequence, which can affect the person's life. Losing the privilege of driving can greatly affect a person who relies on his or her car for transportation and an individual who lives in a rural area where public transportation is not readily available.

Residents in Washtenaw may be surprised to learn that nearby Farmington will soon adopt a "super drunk" ordinance, imposing penalties on highly intoxicated drivers. It is common knowledge that driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent will result in the driver being charged with drunk driving. Doubling the standard BAC level can subject a driver to stiffer fines and penalties.

In 2012, Michigan legislators passed a law that allows municipalities to handle the cases of highly intoxicated drivers. Farmington plans to adopt a "super drunk" law that imposes a one-year license suspension, community service and fines starting from $200 and going up to $700. The funds will be collected by the municipality.

Washtenaw drivers should understand that if they get caught driving with 0.17 percent BAC level in Michigan, they may lose their license. Losing the privilege to drive is a serious consequence in a DUI conviction. It is important for a suspected drunk driver to understand the consequences of their DUI case and to proceed with establishing a defense.

In Washtenaw, a driver who is caught driving with a suspended license while driving drunk will be subject to more serious charges. To prevent a license suspension and other serious consequences, a suspected drunk driver may wish to speak with an attorney who can put together the best possible defense to the charges.

Source: Hometownlife.com, "Farmington considers local 'Super Drunk' law for drivers," Aileen Wingblad, Oct. 1, 2013

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