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Labor Day weekend ends with numerous DWI charges

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, drunk driving is considered a dangerous practice for drivers. A driver who has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel may be inclined to speed, constantly change lanes, overtake other cars and do other dangerous stunts that can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Serious injuries and fatalities are the two most common results of drunk driving. In line with this, the state of Michigan continues to try different methods to curb drunk driving accidents.

Recently, Michigan authorities initiated an end-of-summer crackdown, resulting in 267 drunk driver arrests. The operation started on Aug. 16 and ended on Sept. 2. Based on the report, many of the people who were arrested were transporting open intoxicants in a motor vehicle, improperly transporting medical marijuana in a motor vehicle, possession of cocaine and driving under the influence or DUI.

Before a DUI arrest, police conduct field sobriety tests as well as a breath test to determine if a driver is intoxicated. These tests can be misleading as the accuracy of the results are often questioned in a court trial. Following a drunk driving arrest, it is best for suspected drunk drivers to exercise their rights and obtain legal representation as the charges may be severe.

A DUI conviction can lead to serious repercussions such as higher insurance premiums, incarceration, costly fines and a drivers' license suspension. Suspected drunk drivers can contest how the traffic stop was made and the treatment of the authorities while they perform the tests. Any flaws that may have been involved in the arrest can strengthen the defendant's case in a court trial.

Source: Mlive, "Crackdown leads to 267 drunken driving arrests across Michigan," Sept. 24, 2013

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